In an exceptional setting, surrounded by vegetation and with the beautiful mountains of the Sierra de Tramuntana as a backdrop.

Riders will enjoy the tracks all year round, as the mild climate of the island together with the good drainage and care of the three tracks, equipped with automatic irrigation and proper lighting, allow the practice of riding at any time of the day and season of the year.

The centre has 3 arenas, the largest of 3300 m2, a medium-sized arena of 1232 m2 and a circular arena of 270 m2. Each arena is used and optimised for high competition and teaching.


Thus, the large arena has a multi-disciplinary use, allowing training in the discipline of show jumping, with an appropriately marked and marked space reserved for dressage.

183 m2 of circular training system.

A tool that complements the good physical condition of the horse, avoiding injuries due to lack of warm-up or at times when it is not possible to go out in the arena or at liberty.


We have an excellent horse boarding service with which we take care of the maintenance, cleaning and care of your horse in a complete and efficient way.

There is also boarding with daily cleaning of the box and three meals a day.

And as extras the walker, paddock, fodder, blankets.


Each boarding horse will have a separate locker.

The school tack room becomes a learning place where you can get to know and take care of the necessary equipment for ponies and horses.


The paddocks in our facilities allow the horses to interact with each other and move according to their natural instincts, wallow, forage and socialise. The school horses live together in a herd in a large and comfortable enclosure.


We offer every possible comfort for riders and horse riders.

You will find changing rooms with showers and lockers where you can safely store your personal belongings.

Customer Testimonials

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I have my horse at Son Molina. After some unpleasant experiences, I finally found the perfect centre.

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Son Molina is the centre in Mallorca with the best service I know. From the first moment the attention has been very correct.

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I am very happy. I have learned to ride and now I can't live without it. Thank you for your infinite patience and professionalism.

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In Son Molina I feel at home. I train, learn and interact with fantastic people. I recommend them 100%.

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Son Molina Centre d' Equitación is one of the first equestrian clubs in the Balearic Islands. But, in addition to its tradition, what characterises Centre d'Equitación Son Molina is its educational ambition within a family atmosphere. We aim to give anyone, regardless of their age, the opportunity to ride a horse and progress at the pace that best suits their physical condition and time available.

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